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Staying Alive  During Pandemic Is Kosher

Staying Alive During Pandemic Is Kosher

Staying Alive During Pandemic is Kosher So why exactly do I say Staying Alive During Pandemic is Kosher when the pandemic is a scam? Because despite it being a farse, the misers behind it are...

Should America Trust Bill Gates?

Should America Trust Bill Gates?

A question frequently asked due to the man's direct involvement amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic is, Should America Trust Bill Gates? So the chances are likely if you have been on any social media...

Bill Gates Conspiracy Facts

Bill Gates Conspiracy Facts

Bill Gates Corona Beer Coincidence   First of all, the Bill Gates Corona Beer Coincidence is just one of many evil endeavors by the hands of the Microsoft Man! Because I'm sure everyone in America...

Religious Misconception Claims Another Victim

Religious Misconception Claims Another Victim

Religious Misconception Claims Another Victim Our hearts go out to the community because Religious Misconception Claims Another Victim. According to what Google Deems a reliable News Authority, [1]...

Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch

Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch

So for starters let us clarify we're not talking about Hugh Heffner's Bunny Ranch, but rather a Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch. Because unlike an adult industry worker choosing to make a profitable...

Arizona Heroin Meth Epidemic?

Arizona Heroin Meth Epidemic?

I recently read Caitlin Schmidt's article [1] and as a result asked was an Arizona Heroin Meth Epidemic plaguing Pima County? So let me just start by saying Caitlin's article was well written, and...

Arizona Mugshot Extortion Victims Payback

Arizona Mugshot Extortion Victims Payback

Although unannounced from any major news authorities, HB 2191 [1] will give Arizona Mugshot Victims Payback! Interestingly enough, I tried leaking the good news as Arizona Passes HB 2191 thanks to...

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