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As a result of Google’s Search engine suddenly becoming a politicized search engine I started to notice News quality dissipate tremendously.

Due to politics, no longer was News about what the people needed or wanted to know. Simply because Donald Trump winning the 2016 election, tyranny began!

The Free Press and uncensored News was progressively becoming non-existent because of Tech Giants and their stranglehold on the industry.

In recent times, as a result of entities like the World Health Organization, providing misinformation just got fatal! 😱

This is why you and your family need accuracy in your information because your very life may depend upon it!

Google is given Safe Harbor under the 230 Communications Decency Act. That in turn means they are not to act as publisher. So in 2016 following Google’s open disdain for the loss of their presidential candidate American Journalism and it’s purity was nil!


One Absolutely Crucial Goal!

Probably the single most important priority for us at
The Tucson Truth is providing unbiased legitimate news!

News without political or corporate agenda’s poisoning Pima County’s source of information is vital now more than ever!

Because the founder of this News blog Sean Gugerty believes in integrity, honesty, and the truth! Information’s purity is the standard for journalism always!

Furthermore, our survival doesn’t rely upon monetization of adds, as many of our viewers fund our content.

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Bringing Tucson the Truth irregardless of whether or not it angers a conglomerate corporation. Because our viewers trust means everything!

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Free of Political bias

Although we may cover a controversial topic that falls into the political category, Our News aims to be free of political bias. 🤗

About Time you can Read the Newspaper and not be lied too!

Putting Intelligence in NEWS

We do our research and obtain our information from reliable sources because we want to ensure we bring Pima County the best! 

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