Original Announcement made by Pima Animal Care Center – Pima County

Because PACC is offering Free Animal Microchips from now up until July 4th, its the perfect time to get one for your best friend! Nothing is more sad than having to hang up posters to find your little buddy gets lost, so why not skip it?

Furthermore, the free microchip serviceNot limited to just dogs, you can bring your cat in as well!


As a result of offering the microchipping free and educating the community, PACC officials hope to reduce the number of lost pets that end up at their shelter.

Furthermore, they hope it reduces this metric on the 4th of July which is apparently a busy holiday for them. 🤗

PACC apparently is extra busy also because the fireworks scare the animals.

In 2017, between July 4 –8, PACC took in about 170 strays and of those, fewer than 30 were returned to the owner.

“If you do only one thing to protect your pet,” said PACC Director Kristen Auerbach. “Get it a microchip and make sure the information on your chip is up-to-date.”

So, how does microchipping work? When the pet gets microchipped, the owner will receive instructions to add their contact information with the microchip company.

Address: 4000 N. Silverbell Road Tucson, AZ 85745
Time Window/Hours: Monday-Friday 3 and 5 p.m.
Telephone: (520) 724-2222

Should the pet become lost and end up at PACC, a vet’s office, or some other place that has the capability to scan the pet, the registered owner will receive a notification advising the pet has been found. 

This free microchipping service falls in line with PACC’s initiative to build a comprehensive engagement program that provides community members with resources to keep their pets.

Are there downsides to Free Animal Microchips?

For additional information on microchipping and other community resources provided by PACC, please visit the shelter’s Facebook page or call the Pet Support Center at the number listed above! 

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