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So when it comes to the Local News, Tucson prefers the truth! One of our biggest focal points is providing factual, informative articles.

Furthermore, we do so without bias of politics, ethnicity, religion, nor bribery of rich affiliate partnerships.

While we do provide advertising, we do it with ethics, and with the ultimate goal being access to the truth!

The only bias to possess is one in the interest of citizens of Tucson, not corporations and industry!

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be a founder of News Authority.

However, Due to inhumane, and unethical practices throughout Journalism, it’s become a necessity.

Irony is the fact journalism historically has played a vital role in aiding countless American lives.

In conclusion, where it stands today as Google monopolizes and consumes the News Industry entirely, Tucson was left truthless!

Newspaper circulation rose between 1940 and 1990, but likely only because more people were reading fewer papers, and, as A. J. Liebling once observed, nothing is crummier than a one-paper town.

-Jill Lepore “Does Journalism Have A Future?”

While, certainly informative on history in journalism:

Any and every website monetized by Google Adsense is under the scrutiny of both Google, and their top Affiliate advertisers agenda.

Because in order for anything under the control of Google and their advertiser to be among the best search results, they have too!