Because it doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, mistakes like the Arizona Accidental Missile Mishap will occur. According to an article at KOLD News, [1] a M-156 missile was fired  as a result of a critical mistake by the pilot of an A-10C Thunderbolt II.

The incident occurred yesterday September 5th at probably around 10:40 am MST in a remote area around Mount Graham. The 354th Fighter Squadron from the 355th Wing is under investigation as a result of the accidental discharge of the payload.

Things Happen

Because no matter what what profession you have, you’re probably going to make a mistake at some point. So whether the impact of the mistake is getting plastic grocery bags vs paper, or not surviving brain surgery varies! 🤗

Facts and Info about the Plane and the Missile

The A-10 Thunderbolt II Plane:

So if you’re an aviation fanatic like us here at the Tucson Truth, here are some interesting facts! The A-10 Thunderbolt II were in production during 1972-1984.

The airplane had a unit cost of $18.8 million dollars USD with only 716 in total built.

that’s about 8.1 million cheaper than the cost of a more well known F-15 twin engine Fighter Jet.

The M-156 Missile:

Although not producing a noticeably large explosion as a result of dropping the payload, the M-156 missile servers multiple purposes.

Producing a white phosphorus smoke, it initially serves to take away visibility from the enemy in warfare. However the chemical white smoke has some vicious effects due to its incendiary like properties.


a blueprint and infograph of the A-10 thunderbolt II. The Plane model that was involved in the Arizona Accidental Missile Mishap
This is an Infographic/Blueprint of the Military Plane involved in the Arizona Accidental Missile Mishap incident. Information box facts obtained from Wikipedia [2]

M-156 Missile
More than just a glorified smoke blanketing enemy visibility, the M-156 produces an incendiary cloud of white phosphorus. Known to burn a soldiers flesh down to the bown from exposure!

White phosphorus made its initial appearance during World War I, and was common place due to the terrain in Viet Nam. In more recent times it has even been used against civilians in Israel [3]

In conclusion of this Arizona Accidental Missile Mishap, many may be asking why the military trains with live missiles. However, because they’re being trained to have respect for the power and capability of the weaponry at their disposal, its necessary!

So while accidents like these may happen from time to time, that’s why these training exercises aren’t conducted over Tucson Residents! 😆

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