Not all addicts rob banks for a living, so for those with accountability, do 24-hour Methadone Clinics Exist[1] Because one single mom struggling with addiction was certainly hopeful that this was the case.

As a single mother of a beautiful daughter, Stephanie currently struggles with heroin addiction. Above all odds,  Stephanie maintains a full-time job and when we inquired, her coworkers stated she’s a model employee.

When Stephanie discovered she was pregnant, she knew she had to escape the abusive relationship she was in. Consequently, her now ex boyfriend was the one who introduced her to the drug. 

Despite all odds, when she discovered she was pregnant, she was able to get clean, and landed a job. Unfortunately, her sobriety was short lived and after relapsing, she needed help, and fast!

Ask any former addict and they’ll tell you, withdrawals from habitual heroin use are the worst! Furthermore, maintaining use of an illicit substance risks parents having  their children taken by DCS.(Arizona Department of Child Safety)

Codac’s flyer released in May alongside their press release boasting to be the first 24 hour Methadone Clinic.

Methadone, the lesser of two evils.

Due to drug law penalties being so severe, and withdrawals potentially costing her a good job the choice was simple! Because the bottom line is Heroin is illegal, and Methadone is not.

Stephanie was initially hopeful due to Codac [2] claiming to be Tucson’s first 24 hour Methadone clinic.

Unfortunately, Codac’s policies were very much contrary to what they stated in their initial release to the press.

Furthermore, when we checked into Stephanie’s progress in receiving treatment, our findings were startling!


The Low Down Truth at Codac.

When Stephanie made contact with Codac, the operator’s prompt response, almost lead her to believe they were open 24-hours.

The operator explained that the intake process required about four hours of her time, so she headed over immediately after her shift at work.

The paperwork process and initial meeting with the doctor, were time-consuming but still painless. Now sick with withdrawals due to the absence of heroin, she qualified for immediate treatment. (Wouldn’t preventing sickness be the focus of this ineffective treatment?)

While the doctor initially prescribed Stephanie 30mg of Methadone, she was concerned that was too much! At her request, the doctor lowered the prescribed dosage to 20mg as a result of her concern.

It wasn’t until the end of the excruciating 4-hour long process the nurses gave her the bad news!

5-11 & 1-4pm Isn’t 24-hours!

Codac certainly maintains their enrollment process around the clock. However because it doesn’t provide methadone on a constant basis, proclaiming to be operating 24 hours a day, is deceptive.

So naturally, Stephanie’s work schedule conflicted with the time windows to receive Methadone treatment at Codac. (5-11a.m. and 1-4p.m.) 

Due to her inability to obtain methadone, Stephanie certainly found out the answer to the question, “Do 24 Hour Methadone Clinics Exist?” Furthermore, she quickly found herself lapsing in  doses of methadone.

As a result of Codac’s policies, missing 2 consecutive days of treatment, her methadone was lowered to 10mg. Shockingly this practice is one that is common amongst methadone clinics, and causes addicts to inevitably relapse.

Cutting someone’s methadone treatment amount by half  to penalize their absenteeism shadows the cruel hand of a drug-dealer!

No Happy Endings Here

I wish I could tell you that Stephanie didn’t end up relapsing and losing custody of her beautiful daughter. But Because The Tucson Truth is about shedding light on problems, we bring you the real!

This sad reality is commonplace with Methadone treatment. Furthermore, Methadone rarely works, carrying an overall 13% success rate according to NCBI [3].

Sure, the Atomic figures look to be very different in terms of geographic shape, but thorough examination unveils their similarity.

Furthermore, the main difference found in Methadone is longer Duration of Action and Elimination of Half-life.

The Duration of Action can be described as the overall duration of the high and the noticeable effects upon the drug user.

An Elimination of Half-life measures the time required to purge chemicals from our bodies after consuming a drug.

Methadone compared to Diamorphine AKA Street Heroin

Nazi Germany, 1937.

During the era of the Nazi Regime, Germany’s need for opioid based drugs was not being met. So medical innovators Gustav Ehrhart and Max Bockmühl pioneered Methadone [4].

So basically, the widely accepted treatment for Heroin, an insidious drug with harsh criminal penalties is synthetic heroin? It’s bad enough that countless Americans lose their lives to heroin, but additionally we make villains of its victims! 

Furthermore, as much as two thirds of all CPS child maltreatment cases originate from purported parental drug abuse. According to Women’s Health News [5] around 91,000 CPS cases occur in the United States every year.

So quite honestly we as Americans shouldn’t be asking do 24 hour methadone clinics exist. Because we should be asking why we allow our judicial system to separate families and pharmaceutical companies to be drug dealers!

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Just because we are along the drug cartel smuggling route doesn't make Tucson any more particularly dangerous.

None the less there is no denying the fact that drugs do exist here within our community.

Furthermore, anytime stupidity is added to substance abuse, all manner of crazy is bound to happen.


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