Maricopa County suffered 24 years of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but because Everyone Dyin Chuck Ryan, Arizona is in pandemonium! If you haven’t been through the judicial system, you probably haven’t heard of Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles L. Ryan

However, for the last 41 years [1], Chucky has been the overseer of all the prisons for better or for worse. Despite not having caused quite the uproar as Sheriff Joe, the man is no stranger to controversy.

Enraging a Federal Judge in 2017

Judge David K. Duncan issued an order forbidding the intimidation of inmates submitting complaints due to poor quality medical care.

As a result of the order, Chuck Ryan implicated the Judge’s order to be an absurdity. Questioning the Magistrate’s order was probably an unwise idea.

The enraged Honorable Duncan upon summoning Chucky quoted:

“All of this disrespect for the rule of law is something I have never experienced or seen in nearly 30 years of being a lawyer, or in 16 years as a judge,”

Judge David K. Duncan [2]

So, it’s evident Chuck clearly doesn’t respect the judicial system while claiming to administer the dynamics of corrections and reform. Because how can you proclaim your actions respect the law challenging the authority of a judge?

Judge David K. Duncan Graphite Sketch

Upon Illuminating Arrogance and Self grandiose, We Delve Further into The Negligence.

In addition to putting himself above the law, Chuck’s reason for seeing the judge initially came from negligence. According to an article at AZ Central [3], in November of 2017, a total of 8.61 million dollars in sanctions were accumulated over a 20 month period.

Because there’s a contractual cap for penalties, AZDOC’s partner Corizon paid only $1.8 of the $8.61 million dollars in sanctions. So the $6.81 million dollar penalty avoidance doesn’t directly give example of AZDOC’s negligence, it proves negligence is made readily possible.

Charles L Ryan Lewis Buckeye Facility Negligence Portrait
Charles L Ryan can be seen posing at a prison facility in Buckeye, Arizona. Because even if you fail to run a facility and neglect all responsibilities involved, at least make sure the picture of you looks good!

Specific Example of Negligant Practices under Chuck Ryan.

A case example of the impact caused as a result of capped sanctions would be the case of Walter Jordan [4] Walter got a firsthand taste of Corizon’s cap on sanctions, and furthermore why we illuminate Everyone Dyin Chuck Ryan!

Because Walter Jordan’s skin cancer was left untreated for several months, Medical experts provided this urgent diagnosis:


Unfortunately, due to Walter Jordan’s skin cancer not being treated, he died on 09/7/2017. This is probably one of the hundreds of examples revolving around the neglect inmates experience with medical care.

Recent Issues of Neglect to Maintain a Buckeye Facility Complex.

So the more recent negligence that has occurred is a matter of security. Whenever the white-mustached weasely man isn’t ensuring poor medical care, he’s dodging repair bills. [5]

December 30th, 2018 in Lewis Complex, Morey Unit, was a night Officer David Nash won’t forget! Because of this level, 4 (Referred to by inmates as a Gladiator School) nearly taking his and another guards life.

The facility has faulty locks on 50 cell doors of violent offenders and in a flash, the guards were swarmed by the mob of prisoners.

“It’s Jurassic Park, These are top-of-the-line offenders, and they’re running rampant with open doors. How do you like that? They don’t even need a key, they just open their own door.”

Unfortunately, at this sedgeway of time, informing the superintendent Everyone Dyin Chuck Ryan hasn’t progressed and interdiction is necessary.

Resolution to this atrocious level of negligence can only come as a result of intervention from Governor Ducey.

No formality will be obtained from the Chuckmeister because whatever side deal he has with Corizon he won’t be backing out anytime soon.

Be sure to express your concerns, you may as well, ACLU has a campaign to inform him so I’m sure he’s aware, but remind him anyways 😃@DougDucey.

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2 Phoenix Times News covers The Letter Incident.
3 AZ Central Article Written by Michael Kiefer
4 KJZZ’s Website and Podcast regarding the Chaos of AZDOC Healthcare.
5 Unlocked and Unsafe Article Written by Dave Biscobing
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