Angry Karen Shuts Down Curves Cabaret

Angry Karen Shuts Down Curves Cabaret

An Angry Karen Shuts down Curves Cabaret due to her anonymous tip left with the Arizona Department of Public Health Services.

When ADHS arrived at the famous Gentlemen’s club, it was determined that they were in violation of the maximum occupancy mandated as a result of COVID-19. [1]

On June 28, 2020, Governor Ducey’s Executive order mandated the shutdown of all Arizona bars due to overly amped up Plandemic.

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 Owner Mike Pavon

Owner of Curves Cabaret.

With bars having been shutdown for over a month, local business owners like Mike have been negatively impacted due to COVID-19.

While scumbags Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos rake in cash, Mike’s Gentlemen’s club renown locally as the best for over 23 years [2] tank losses. The ADHS mandated new regulations that bar and club establishments maintain only 50% of their normal capacity.

Pima County Residents are asking, is this guideline completely unnecessary considering the total deaths from the Plandemic are fractional to the CDC’s claim?

Additionally, why despite the presidents revisions to the 230CDA has there been no game changing lawsuits filed against Technocrats like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg?

Because they continue to violate countless American’s civil liberties and free speech, while the Microsoft CEO Bill Gates over exaggerates the severity the artificially created virus. 

As Angry Karen Shuts down Curves Cabaret due to being a hater, and many exotic dancers are left unable to work. Our hearts go out to Mike and the exotic dancers of Curves Cabaret, and we know this is only a minor setback for the famous club.

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The ADHS shutdown many other local arizona businesses

As a result of Angry Karens using the ADHS TOLL FREE SNITCH HOTLINE many Arizona bars have been shutdown.

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The reason many consider this plandemic a hoax…

Only 6% of COVID-19 deaths didn’t die as a result of other terminal conditions. This false reporting is highly questioned by Tucsonians.

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Despite Decades of HIV/AIDs having no cure or vaccine in sight.

By some miracle the scumbags overly funded by Bill Gates AKA the World Health Organization have a vaccine. 🙄

Angry Karen Shuts Down Curves Cabaret
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AZ Central’s Katelyn Keenehan writes article titled, ” Tucson strip club shut down for violating COVID-19 rules