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The Arizona COVID Survey was made because we’re genuinely curious as to what our readers thought. Due to our readers privacy being a top concern of ours, your data and privacy will be safe!

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As a result of COVID19, Communities throughout the world in a panic, and over 97 thousand businesses being closed down.

Because the fate of our Nation seems to be kept in constant uncertainty, many people live in fear of what the future holds. Furthermore, the majore News authorities have just added to this paranoia with their barage of misinformation.

If there is anything We here at The Tucson Truth value the utmost, it probably is providing our readers accurate information! We Greatly appreciate our readers who choose to participate in our Arizona COVID Survey, and respect your privacy!.

Nearly 100,000 Businesses throughout the US have temporarily or permanently closed as a result of COVID-19 according to
Sean Gugerty Tucson Truth Founder
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Vaccine Twilight Zone

Vaccine Twilight Zone

Join Us Pima County and Tucson Residents, Because you won’t believe your eyes as we delve deep into Vaccine Twilight Zone!