I recently read Caitlin Schmidt’s article [1] and as a result asked was an Arizona Heroin Meth Epidemic plaguing Pima County? So let me just start by saying Caitlin’s article was well written, and she’s a very talented journalist!

Furthermore, I was very impressed by the woman’s accuracy regarding the approximate street value per gram ($20-$40 🤗). The fatalities from heroin overdoses this year raised from 5 deaths to 45 which to some probably seems significant.

The articles proposed theory as to the drastic increase in death count was due to the Mexican Cartels cutting the heroin with fentanyl.

In addition to Heroin overdoses increasing apparently Methamphetamine rose from 37 to 101. So Caitlin’s article theorized the significant drop in cost over the years from $60-80 a gram might be the cause.

A reasonable theory to come to, however, does increased deaths mean an Arizona Heroin Meth Epidemic is occuring?

Absolutely not

In fact, it is quite contrary to what the News and Media seem to lead the public eye into believing. Because for starters those drug-related deaths are laughable compared to the totals of alcohol-related fatalities.

In the United States statistics show that an alcohol-related death occurs every 50 minutes. [2] Additionally, medical expenses from alcohol-related issues is an estimated $44 billion dollars annually.

So as to how exactly a couple of idiots overdosing is something of major concern is baffling to me. Furthermore, throwing the book at junkies every-time some strung out Lame Google Executive dies is absurd. [G] (Also only Mugshots show up for Tucson Escorts now lol, what a coincidence! 🙄)

So 800% is high if we were discussing an increase in annual salary!Unfortunately, due to the fact the topic is drug related deaths, it isn’t significant!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there aren’t some real drug-related issues on the table that need resolution!

It’s Not the Dope Tucson! it’s our Judicial System!

So I struck gold browsing the internet when I came across Gisdata.gov [3]The data I pulled below was the total number of arrests made by the Tucson Police Department in 2018.

Drug Free Zone Arrest

Marijuana Arrests

Prescription Abuse Arrests

Dangerous Drug Arrests

Paraphernalia Arrests

Misc Narcotic Arrests

So the metrics above are quite astonishing and show you just how much we need to change the laws in Arizona.

I certainly mean no disrespect to the Tucson Police Department. Because quite honestly citizens here in Pima County have some excellent men and women in law enforcement. (Nothing even remotely horrid like that circus Joe Arpaio ran for 26 years lol!) 😂

So essentially, the Arizona Heroin Meth Epidemic in truth is the horribly outdated and immoral penal system.

For example, Marijuana is not only completely decriminalized in some states, it’s proven to be medically beneficial. Furthermore, for $200 bucks in Arizona, you can literally buy a medical card for Fibromyalgia.

Anyone can just say they experience random unexplainable pain in their body and be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This example shows how absolutely anyone with the money can buy their way out of an arrest.

As much as the Working Class  Wants to give the Private Sector More Money…

It’s time to say enough is enough Pima County! People don’t need their children snatched up by the Department of Child Safety over pot! [4]

For all you reformed individuals out there that got years of your life taken from you it’s time to make a change!

For all you families with a loved one imprisoned for drug-related offenses, you’re in our prayers! We won’t rest while families are broken apart, having to pay just to talk with them on a phone!

And because why? So some rich asshole can make millions from warehousing people and acquiring cheap labor? We should continue to allow Private prisons to pay inmates 20-40 cents an hour for jobs typically making 40-60 grand annually?

Why should we sit astray while pharmaceutical companies profiteer off Heroin addicts feeding the very poison they’re addicted to?

In conclusion, I can’t quite grasp why the biggest search engine in the world clearly opposes my words from being heard? -Sean Gugerty

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