Although unannounced from any major news authorities, HB 2191 [1] will give Arizona Mugshot Victims Payback! Interestingly enough, I tried leaking the good news as Arizona Passes HB 2191 thanks to Kevin Payne of Peoria, AZ but hit a snag. Because it potentially cuts Arizona’s recidivism rate in half, you’d assume everyone in Tucson would be ecstatic.

Unfortunately there are forces at play slowing the progression of such benefits to the community  for us Arizonans. Furthermore, I encountered this force of opposition from numerous News outlets who proclaim to be on the side of the people.

Despite my Mugshot Extortion Activism site under heavy fire, I figured I could get the message out by using a News authority. So I went to Tucson.com [2] and a few other local news authorities and attempted writing a guest opinion.

Because it is decent quality, I figured it would get my message out on at least one of the News Syndicate sites.

Arizona Mugshot Extortion Victims Infographic Showing Job Impact on Recidivism

Infographic and Article in Hand, No Go with the Man!

So apparently there wasn’t a chance in hell I was going to get a blog post on any of the local News Authorities. Additionally no opportunities upon local News Authorities came about. Furthermore, articles I submitted to Medium and BuzzFeed were banned without legitimate reasons.

That’s because they were all monetized by Google’s affiliate partners and Google isn’t a fan of reform.

You’re probably asking yourself, why would a search engine be for or against public reform? Furthermore why would they pick a side that is seemingly unethical? To deliver Arizona Mugshot Victims Payback and to bring the people justice, we delved!

The answer comes to us in dealing with corrupt conglomerate corporations ever so simply! That’s because we simply must follow the source of the money, and the direction it is flowing. Furthermore, the flow of money also seems to go in the general direction

Meet the Social Parasites Behind Affiliate Advertising
As previously covered in our Russian Hacker Article, Google has quite the stranglehold on what the press covers. So if you had any hope in the Private Sector upholding your Constitutional Rights, think again!

In other words, what good is a law being passed if absolutely nobody knows it exists?

Fortunately, all of the hard work and efforts of  modern day heroes like [3] Kevin Payne were heard.

The Skinny of it all

So despite the word of this good news moving at the speed of a crawling snail,  Justice is coming! 😈

 But there is more than Google’s obvious hand in the cookie jar complicating the situation.

And furthermore, the guilty parties leeching patronage extend even beyond  the well known corrupt News Authorities!

So just who exactly are these other entities co-aligning themselves with the Private sector? 

Well, because the apple never falls far from the tree, our investigation into the matter took little research!

Because we were determined to deliver Tucson the Truth, we boldly ventured beyond 90% of internet users.!

While proceeding with caution, we slowly approached Google search result number 4!


Facebook Caught in the cookie jar?
Venturing into the murky waters of uncertainty, we boldly traveled into what was once the great search engine Google. The former glory days of Mattew Cutt’s and the companies algorithmic genius are over as a result of utter stupidity!

None the less, despite many inaccuracies, due to Facebook ranking number four for this keyword, their affiliation to the corruption is obvious!

 Hiding in Plain Sight

The source of the bulk majority of Arizona Mugshots naturally finds itself at the very top of the search results. So it comes as no surprise that the biggest offending Sheriff Website resides in Maricopa County.

Because you don’t have to be from Arizona to have heard about the infamous Tent City and Joe Arpaio. His 26-year reign as Sheriff, a hemorrhage of American taxpayer’s money are internationally known!

So we certainly couldn’t compete with Sheriff Joe’s presidential pardon [4] for his wrongdoings! The Tucson Truth hopes he’ll accept our humble article’s Featured Image being dedicated to him! 😝
(Due to his recent efforts into civil lawsuits against Rolling Stone Magazine we must affirm 
Sheriff Joe hasn’t ever commited a felony!)

Ahh Yes, Facebook!

So beyond the obvious site vulnerability [5] that MCSO has been made well aware of, Facebook is a key player in the mix. You’d think because they claim to be a Family Environment [6], they wouldn’t cater to extortion.

Above all judicial law formalities, these mugshot shaming websites are clearly unethical. So, why is censoring millions of Americans for political views and profiteering from cyberbullying considered a family environment?

You might be wondering why Facebook isn’t liable to pay out victims of Mugshot shaming to Arizonans?

Because of a piece of legislation that was imposed back in 1996 known as the Communications Decency Act. Section c of 47 U.S. Code § 230 [7] was originally intended to give safe harbor to Internet hosting and content providers.

ISPs, search engines, and social platforms not in control of their user bases content, big tech giants haven’t been liable for. However, because Big Tech Companies like Facebook are frequently acting as Censors.

So by doing so, it is evident they are stepping outside the bounds of the host, and into the seat of the publisher.  No legal firm is currently moving in on mugshot websites or tech giant social platforms, but fear not Pima County! Because something big is in the works and Arizona Mugshot Extortion Victims Payback is just on the horizon!

References and Citations
1 Official Legislation of House Bill 2191 AZ Legislation Official Website
2 Biggest Local News Authority in Tucson Tucson.com
3 Facebook page of Kevin Payne of the Arizona House of Representatives.
4President Donald Trump Pardon’s Maricopa County Sheriff. August 25th, 2017 Wikipedia.
5 Youtube Enthusiast Illuminates Website Vulnerability to Maricopa Sheriffs Article
6Facebook Claims to revolve around family on Safety Page .
7 47 U.S. Code § 230 grants the Safe Harbor currently protecting internet service providers.
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