Bill Gates Corona Beer Coincidence

  First of all, the Bill Gates Corona Beer Coincidence is just one of many evil endeavors by the hands of the Microsoft Man! Because I’m sure everyone in America will agree, there has been quite the rash of Billionaire caused Annoyances in recent NEWS.

So who is the owner of the COVID-19 virus and why was this series of Viruses named Corona? Only as a result of painfully extensive research, and sifting through Fact Checker lies did we unraveled the truth.

Washed up Wall Street Journal hacks, AKA Fact Debunkers.

When seeking the truth, you probably have bumped into quite a few of these “Fact Check” websites and questioned their legitimacy. Financial backing from billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, and their fraudulent non-profit 501c(3)s status, solidify their criminality.

Our government allowing washed up journalist hacks to obtain employment exploiting tax exemption status is criminality at its worst! So why exactly do I say that? Well,  an example of a legitimate non profit would be something to the effect of a soup kitchen, or perhaps clothing donations.  

So non profit’s like utilizing their 501(c)3 for spreading disinformation and censorship, does not justify tax exemption. Furthermore, it should be a criminal offense, or at least a hefty fine penalizing corporations for countless violations of civil liberties!

Google and Facebook Fact Checkers, a tax exempt parasite.

Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai’s corporate donations clearly veering the News in their chosen direction. 

The reason for flooding misinformation in this particular?

There’s probably a number of reasons behind their obvious derailment of Bill Gate’s and his funding of the COVID-19 virus. However, It’s probably very unlikely these idiots uncovered the bombshell we did when we came upon the Bill Gates Corona Beer Coincidence.

According to the reputable American Truth News, the patent owner of many viruses including the recent infamous COVID-19 is the Pirbright Institute. [1]

First of all, the Fact Checkers and their lame efforts to discredit the truth in this instance fail disproving the facts.Because no matter which way you contest the evidence, the money trail doesn’t lie!

Secondly, The Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation have personal involvement with Pirbright and indeed do directly influence the organization’s direction.

 So then why name it Coronavirus?

Reaching the obvious conclusion that the virus could have been named anything Bill Gates or other major investors wanted, why name it Coronavirus?

As a result of numerous hours of research into criminal mastermind Bill Gates, we uncovered his purpose for the title! And so, Like all other selfish greed monsters before him, his thirst for money gave motive to the Bill Gates Corona Beer Coincidence!

The 2008 Purchase of Coca Cola FEMSA

Because at first glance, Microsoft Man’s purchase of Coca Cola FEMSA for $18 million dollars USD [2] appears insignificant. As a result of roguish negotiating, Bill gained 20% of Heineken beer’s  shareholdings through FEMSA in 2010. [3]

So with what many would consider a substantial amount of money, $18 million dollars for Microsoft Man is chump change! As a result of that spare change purchase, the now $15 Billion dollar Heineken Beer company equates to $3 billion in shareholdings for Gates!

Gee Golly! What a Stroke of Luck for the Now Self-Proclaimed Philanthropist! 🙄

So despite all previous facts having the potential to be irrelevant dumfound luck, how about this bombshell? Due to the similarities in the title of Corona Beer and COVID-19, Anheuser-Busch reported a staggering $170 million dollars in losses over the Chinese New Year. [4] As the largest beer bottling company in the world, AMBEV is naturally the biggest competitor of Bill Gate’s.

That’s rather convenient when you think about considering he’s now forcing his presence down America’s throat on every major News Channel! Additionally, he’s profiting substantially with this not so often discussed asset of shareholdings in Heineken. In conclusion, China’s new favorite beer in recent times is now Heineken! And especially during the New Year! 😱

Thank you for reading this Article Tucson! And remember, don’t just believe what you read from any News source that fails to reference their information. It’s probably a good idea to do your own investigating in these troubling times, if you seek the truth!❤️

Bill Gates Corona Beer
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