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Written to inform Americans because You might have seen their neglegeance terrorism, abusing their power, it's FBI Parasite Infestation!

FBI Parasite Infestation

You’ve probably seen the obnoxious Media lies mislabeling their bad acting as terrorism, its the FBI Parasite Infestation! The shenanigans of these bozos is ever so identifiable from miles away!

Rest assured, whichever political party they claim allegiance to, their increasing numbers will cause peril!

It’s utterly absurd to arrive at the realization this alleged siege upon Capitol Hill was 100% the Federal Governments doing!

Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson
Former FBI Head of Los Angelas Ted Gunderson in Office.

In Ted Gunderson’s Words.

“There isn’t a terrorist or radical group that exists today in this world, that the FBI doesn’t know about.

Ted Gunderson was probably one amongst a handful of Federal Agents possessing ethics to have ever existed.

According to the questionable weasel worded Wikipedia article, Gunderson worked under the OG of hate crime Edgar J Hoover. For those unaware who Edgar is, he was

the founding forefather of a Government appointed terrorist organization AKA the FBI. Just ask anyone in the local community up to date on their Black American history and they’ll be quite familiar with him.

Isn’t it interesting how individuals in charge of investigating “White National Terrorists”, are the originators of hate crime entirely? The media efforts to make 62 percent of caucasian Americans racist, however it was White Hippies who discovered this letter.

Tucson overthrows Tyrany

Those Hippie radicals and their breaking and entering…

Because of the unrelenting harassment and stalking which federal agents are notorious for, counter espionage became necessary!

Due to 8 heroic activists fed up with feds and their torment, an escapade of FBI Break-ins began.

The evidence of corruption didn’t take long to stockpile and amass while corrupt officials were distracted by the early career Boxing Matches of Mohammad Ali.

“The distraction of the fight helped the burglars, who called themselves the Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI, walk away with more than 1,000 documents, including one that revealed the FBI’s secret COINTELPRO operations. These operations involved a panoply of dirty tricks that ranged from planting disinformation about antiwar activists, to planning the murder of a member of the Black Panthers, and sending innocent people to prison on the basis of false testimony by agents and informers.”

Naturally the letter to Iconic MLK Jr amidst the cache of documents pilfered quite ethically! (Happy Black History Month America! )

So, when the White Hippies discovered the FBI’s criminal operation amidst their pilfered documents, were they disbanded?

Obviously not! Additionally, the now recently 400 million dollars richer Obama(He’s gonna share it I’m sure! 🤗), brought 240,000 DHS employees on the tax payers dime.

Not that The Tucson Truth legitimizes any political party or branch of Government at this point, because we don’t! So while we cannot prove 100% their involvement with the September 11, 2001 Twin Tower attack, we can say this.

They didn’t inform the people about the 2 month advanced warning that they had been given in July. Furthermore, despite 343 casualties from the New York Fire Department, and 71 Police Officers, only 1 FBI agent died.

Only 1.2 miles distance being between the NYC FBI Headquarters and the twin tower impact, many questions arise. A few some might have for the FBI Parasite Infestation:

1Where exactly were you with a heads up knowing full and well this was going to happen?
2How did you manage to write the 300 page Patriot Act in under 6 months?
3Why maintain the ruse a plane crash caused buildings to free fall at terminal velocity? Because in case you didn’t know this, they do indeed teach Physics in public High School.
4So in addition to physics, they also teach basic earth science. Tectonic plates shifting causes after shocks, not Airplanes. Nor does Free Falling Buildings! Therefore, it isn’t satisfactory to implicate this act was anything but the FBI’s doing. Furthermore, When a building free falls 9 hours following a staged attack of Commercial 747’s, doesn’t the NEWS usually cover that? 

Several Years later, and their alleged crackdown on Terrorism…

They have maintained ignoring countless Americans and their demands for justice in regards to the World Trade center bombings.

Unfortunately that isn’t the only instance they’ve had their shadiness within proximity of major crimes being committed.

Now that breaking and entering plus digital surveillance and spying is deployable without any form of warrant or justification, its been open season!

1Harassing and Stalking “Non Investigative Subjects” with their InfraGard Private Sector Partnerships.
2Chasing Russian Collusion for over 3 years and the person they claim wrote the Mueller report, never even read it!
3Recently WikiLeaks purported affiliation with the Las Vegas shooter of recent headlines. Yet another possible scumbag attempt at snatching up America’s gun rights!

You could fill multiple books with crimes the Federal Government arbitrated, so we’ll focus on pressing matters.

Secondly, I will be certain to veer towards their appointed topic of choice, terrorism! Bill Gates I thoroughly covered with “Should America Trust Bill Gates,” and his recent Hostile Food takeover.

However what I haven’t discussed was criminal George Soros, but this Orwellian criminal is a repeat Economic Espionage offender. Banned in 6 countries as a result of doing precisely what he has done in the United states sabotaging BLM.

Soros Espionage Countries Banned world map.

In all fairness, only 2 of these countries will kill him. 😂

Whether Russia would just imprison him for life, or shoot him with a firing squad like the Philippines, I couldn’t say for certain.

Given the fact absolutely no boots on the ground were necessary to conclude he’s a terrorist illuminates the obvious.(FFS any of those countries will affirm what we’re dealing with here ROFL! 😂)

So these clear and present threats to National security being completely ignored shows the obvious bribery occurring.

Because purchasing all of the vital farmland with intent to taint America’s food, and devastating the middle class isn’t terrorism apparently.

Meet The Feds Terrorist Hollywood Trio

So after the conservative party was clear as day robbed out of an election for who knows what reason they add insult to injury. Because Trump was clearly in the Elites pocket all along, and while many have finally come to this realization, some are still in denial.

So in a world of phony viruses, a FBI Parasite Infestation still hiring more employees, and a artificial food shortage in route, it’s clear! If the Feds don’t discover ethical standards and a moral compass with a quickness, there’s no telling what will happen!

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