Is Google Founded Upon Racism

Is Google Founded Upon Racism?

As a result of all the hype and controversy floating around we ask, Is Google Founded Upon Racism?

Unfortunately, when the Private Sector partners with the Federal Government, integrity goes out the window. I say out the window because the CIA directly created Google through a company Formerly known as Keyhole.

The company was arbitrated as a result of necessity for our military’s Geo Spacial Mapping system. Due to siphoning our tax dollars funding this venture capitol, you’d think they’d appreciate the American people.

Private Sector Government Partnerships

The Counter intelligence Spy Agency currently in charge of infiltrating and sabotaging Governments created Google.

  Think Again!

First of all, it is common knowledge that the founder of the FBI Edgar J Hoover has direct ties to the  Ku Klux Klan.

So if you have read our FBI Parasite Infestation article, you’re probably well aware all of the federal Government is in collaboration and corrupt. Unfortunately, This is the only thing Americans can expect from any branch of Government that lacks transparency

Because we have failed in forcing resolution for numerous unresolved issues such as 9-11, here we have no privacy.

Racist entities like Search Engine Google are free to browse unrestricted through our data. Additionally, they even aid and abet extortion racketeers such as the mugshot publishing and reputation management industries.


Google Adwords profiteering from criminal Empires.

In this screenshot, a Google Keyword Planner can be seen divulging how much per click extortionists pay for Reputation Management. They also profiteer from Child Trafficking keywords at $26 per click!
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With over half the male black population ending up incarcerated, they are certain to make substantial profits from reformed black Americans wanting a job. Quickly they’ll find themselves paying the piper to remove that ugly mugshot, or reoffending and returning to prison.

So how Is Google Founded Upon Racism when arrest record extortion happens to everyone? Naturally, with all the data they have collected on everyone, they’re well aware of the negative impact their slander causes.

True, they may not be the ones directly posting articles on News Websites or domains containing the slander. However, they do make the most money as a result of this criminality. Due to the majority of consumers immediately clicking the first search result, Google Adwords is a multi billion dollar game. On high conversion keywords the 1st search result is a commodity every marketer wants!

Tucson overthrows Tyrany

Black Lives Matter During Electoral Process

And so Another dead giveaway when we ask is Google Founded Upon Racism naturally would be their selective timing to feign concern.

Due to the black voters always being undecided since most see Democracy as a total scam,(Rightfully so) Google feigns concern every 4 years!

Their little CIA Sysop fake operative groups such as ANTIFA and Proud Boys spring to life because they need that vote!

Probably the nano second America’s election process is complete, Google Trends seems to no longer care whatsoever.

Because, once their appointed candidate of choice has won by whatever illegal and criminal means necessary, its time to take out the garbage!

Additionally, that’s precisely what Google had in mind continually ranking News authorities of Bill Gates vaccinations to Black Americans.

The Video below is one of their more timid attacks upon the African American Community here in the US! 

Black Lives Google Trends

One thing is a certainty, due to Google’s direct ties to the Ku Klux Klan, they will always, and have always had a white background.

Their search engine has maintained its rather generic look and will never deviate from their white template.

Similar to Marlboro’s hidden symbolic lettering that depicts a Black and Jewish man hanging from trees with their feet dangling.

Because now that they have gotten their racist Joe Biden Presidential candidate into office, they wont be holding anything back now!


Google Employee Ethnic Demograph Pi Chart

Google As Racist Employer

Where Google really illuminates their racism to the fullest comes as a result of their employee base ethnic demographic.

So it would be most unfair if I didn’t mention they have very minimally increased their Black Tech employee base each year.

However, this can clearly be concluded to be done completely so they can claim they are not total racists.

So foolish it is to ask is Google Founded Upon Racism, as the main transition is replacing their techs with Asians, for less income.

It probably even appears they somewhat are balancing diversity to mask their racist hiring disposition, but don’t be fooled. Even though all the White Techs they’ve replaced by Asians, didn’t actually leave the company. As a result of filling the position with lower paid Asians, the caucasian employees were promoted to executive positions. 😱