Killjoy Misers Claim Another

So one thing this article most certainly will not be doing, is catering to COVID Hysteria when Killjoy MisersClaim Another Victim! Because it is of the Tucson Truth’s belief this man is a hero, and should be the standard other world leaders strive to become!

You might have heard about the president of Tanzania because of the COVID-19 Controversy tied to his name. John Magufuli has unfortunately become another casualty in this genocidal war against humanity.

Not in the sense that he was claimed as a victim of what quite possibly is an entirely made up virus. No, these Psychopath Elitists aimed at ridding the world of humanity more than likely executed him.

So where do I get off making an allegation like this and what proof do I have to state such claims? The better question that should be asked is why Donald Trump and Alex Azar declared a pandemic?

Without a shred of physical evidence proving COVID-19 Exists

March 20, 2020: National Emergency Declared

So if I was basing my theory on what appears to be the standard way of taking extreme action, I would require mere notion. But because we aren’t Killjoy Misers, I suppose I will provide more solid ground and a basis to match 🤗.

First of all, the man’s death falls within a timeline to which he was receiving large amounts of criticism regarding COVID-19. Apparently the pushers of News and Media such as Mike Bloomberg were quite unhappy as a result of Magufuli’s position on COVID-19. 

First of all, the comment section on Mike Bloomberg’s Reuters video is turned off which is absurd! In America we all have a voice, so naturally if we are unable to communicate, why exactly would we listen?

And so this is exactly why nobody should give patronage to any News Organization or affiliate found lying to the public!

Because of their constant misinformation, and countless medical practitioners being censored on social media, thousands are dying! News organizations in recent have began crossing into uncharted levels of profuse lying.

The top search result for Magafuli in Youtube search ever so fraudulently claims he died of COVID-19. As you can see people all over the world, are enraged as a result of the asinine lies orchestrated by journalists controlled by Killjoy Misers.

So the question that arises based on the convenient timeline of his death, “what exactly did John Magafuli die from?”

Probably one of the shortest articles consisting of 1 sentence, ABC News, quotes,

“NAIROBI, Kenya — Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has died of heart failure, says the East African country’s vice president.-ABC News

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Outraged Youtube Community Rants

Perhaps he won the lottery and went to hide out? 😂

Sadly, that’s a much more believable claim!

So if the rest of the News outlets are going to just outright lie, I suppose I’ll concoct an educated guess and still 1up the competition! 🤗

Because the residents are confirming he had a heart condition, that is the most realistic cause of death based on their affirmation. However, due to the controversy of the timeline, the next best educated guess unfortunately is foul play.

A very common folklore regarding the CIA and now apparently DHS (Why TF is Homeland Security Going overseas?) is cyanide. Cyanide is no longer the poison of choice for these roguish tax parasites who clearly are handled by the elite Killjoy Misers themselves!

Because what alternate reason explains why they haven’t Arrested Bill Gates? Anyhow, the new Spy Operative killer is scentless Odorless deadly Mercury Chloride AKA Mercury Salt. When either a contract killer or Government appointed operative is given the green light for the kill, 24 hour surveillance is conducted.

The Target is analyzed and their whereabouts are studied closely. Once the opening becomes available, the assassin utilizes locksmith tools such as a rake and tension bar to enter the target’s unguarded residence. This would be done naturally only after all LAN Wireless networks were hacked and NMAP scanned for potential security systems requiring their sabotage if necessary.

Upon entering, a mere droplet of Mercury Salt is all that is needed, because eventually the toothbrush will be used by the target. The target arrives home later that evening, and proceeds to brush their teeth. Minutes later, the poison begins killing the target, and onlookers or company will see an appearance of cardiac arrest. In conclusion, unless an autopsy is conducted specifically looking for mercury chloride, natural causes will be the conclusion almost 100% of the time.

In many cases even if Mercury is found in an autopsy that wont immediately conclude foul play. Especially if large amounts of mercury is within proximity of the victim. So that is precisely why the CIA uses it. With technologies such as the Nano Spy Drone, entry and payload delivery of poisons could be almost entirely undetected!