Staying Alive During
Pandemic is Kosher

So why exactly do I say Staying Alive During Pandemic is Kosher when the pandemic is a scam? Because despite it being a farse, the misers behind it are deadly!

Bill & Jennifer Gates Portrait

You Might Know Him.

First of all, there is absolutely no possibility that you have not heard of him by now. Ever so Philanthropist Bill Gates with his daughter Jennifer in the portrait to the left is Newsworthy!

So whatever News Authorities he hasn’t bought time slots off of, are likely broadcasting the atrocities he invokes!

So even if you live under a rock, chances are countless instances and efforts to force vaccinations upon you have occurred. 

You probably can’t help yourself at this point if you’re a brainwash victim! So go ahead, I know you’re dying to say two words like a guest on Peewee’s Playhouse!

Tucson overthrows Tyrany

Purchasing large amounts of land in recent months, probably an innocent reason right?

18 states in total Mr Gates has purchased land in which conveniently are great for agriculture. 

Mosquito GMO

So where exactly do I get the intuition that the Pandemic is Kosher? Well, due to the fact what little remaining farmland isn’t controlled by Orwellian terrorists most likely will be baron! Probably half of you have heard the former Microsoft CEO’s Philanthropy ruse to save Africa from Dengue fever?

Well I’ll be the sarcastic News Anchor that said I told you so! Event 201 births real Corona(The illusion anyhow 😂), now suddenly releasing GMO Mosquitos and Dengue Fever is on the rise!

Probably everyone knows that Bees pollinate countless species of plants and agricultural commodities. However, many overlook how crucial a role in our ecosystem mosquitos play as a result of how annoying they are! However as it turns out, they actually are quite the pollinators themselves! So if he’s potentially killing off food, and potentially tainting the rest with GMO research what now?

For starters, There is the Farmers Markets!

First of all, you can’t go wrong with the Rillito Market as far as selection and price! This gathering is available every sunday generally 9am to 1pm.

So chances are you won’t be the only one looking for salvation from Miser Gates and his tainted food! However, due to many people not beng able to fit such a small time window what then?

Not all, but many of the Elite, Shabbat Shalom!

Well he can’t kill everyone off, and like they say, scumbag birds of a feather flock together! While Bill Gates himself may not be Jewish, many of his scumbag Technocrat Comrades are!

Not to say just because someone is Jewish to hold that against them, quite the contrary! It is because of their high standard on food we have an outlet of sustenance in the upcoming future!

So Bill Gates would never be allowed to stay in the cool Misers club if he tainted their food supply! Furthermore, at least until he finds a way out of it, he too himself has to eat!

In conclusion, anything that is deemed Kosher, is probably what you’re going to want to start eating!

Take care of your friends and family out there America, because it is only by helping each other out we will survive this artificial madness! Look for these Kosher labels on foods as if your life depended upon it, because it does!


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