Should America Trust Bill Gates?

A question frequently asked due to the man’s direct involvement amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic is, Should America Trust Bill Gates?

So the chances are likely if you have been on any social media platform or watched any News network, the self proclaimed Philanthropist was a topic discussed.

Furthermore, anyone that typically bases their decisions with logic or reason is naturally already hesitant to Trust Mr. Gates.

That’s probably because you find it rediculous that the Microsoft CEO thinks he should be giving the country Medical advice without a Medical Background.

Those of you that have this hesitation probably didn’t need my article to tell you that you were right in your conclusions.

Should America Trust Bill Gates Collage Artwork.

First of all, it is absolutely critical that all of Tucson, the State of Arizona, and the entire Nation understands YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!

Let me just affirm, I am not a medical professional in any way shape or form. Additionally, neither is Bill or Melinda Gates, who seem to keep appearing on a myriad of News Networks and Platforms promoting their genocidal Vaccine.

Never would I attempt to give you medical advice as I am not a medical practitioner. So for clarification, my personal decision to avoid the COVID-19 Vaccine is based upon its direct affiliation with Bill Gates. This corporate criminal has outright voiced his beliefs in the necessity to depopulate the Earth.

Additionally, I strongly encourage you to seek a medical professional’s opinion in regards to you and your families healthcare for overall well being above mine or anyone else’s.

Furthermore, just because my research is backed by multiple sources and citations, I suggest  you conduct your own research and reach your own conclusions based upon your findings.

What makes us credible?

The main difference between The Tucson Truth and Microsoft Man is that we’re not trying to promote vaccinations lacking the credentials to do so. Therefore, any News Authority that’s allowed Bill, Melinda, or Anthony Fauci to give medical advice to their viewers no longer deserves your respect or trust within journalism PERIOD!

According to an article written in August at BizNews [1] for every million US Citizens, 477 Statistically die of COVID-19 based on researchers data. So that is a Mortality rate overall in the United States of 0.0477%. Additionally, that data from BizNews was obtained from Wikipedia and the highly scrutinized World Health Organization.

So why would ANYONE be vaccinated, exposing themselves to potential harm from contaminants with virtually a zero percent mortality rate from COVID-19?

Regardless of utilizing questionable WHO data.

Whether accurate or overly exaggerated data, that mortality rate is not something America should have ever been forced to shutdown for. Because only large corporations such as Amazon seem to have benefited tremendously from Americans staying home and social distancing.

For instance, the COVID-19 Pandemic has left Jeff Bezos with a net worth of $202 billion dollars [2]. Unfortunately, many small businesses are now bankrupt or victims of looting and vandalism as a result of “Peaceful Protestors”.

So determining the answer to the question Should America Trust Bill Gates and his urgency to vaccinate the world, we’ll look into his recent past. If you read our Bill Gates Corona Beer Coincidence article, then you’re probably aware of his amazing lucky streak!  

A quote caption overlay atop the official Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Headquarters
Bill Gates at Epstein's Manhattan abode in 2011 located at 9 E 71st St New York, NY 10021
Pedophile Pow Wow at Epstein's Manhatten Home after he'd been convicted of a sex offense.

Red Flag 1 Pedophile Pandering

So the first major red flag regarding Bill Gates, is his affiliation with Convicted Sexual Predator Jeffrey Epstein [3]. While Major News Networks seem to believe Epstein was merely a sexual deviant, some theorize he was the Human Trafficking Kingpin. Due to witnesses testimonies, we know that his frequented guests were underage girls groomed into sex workers.

First of all, Epstein’s first offense clearly shows signs of corruption at the highest level of judicial authority. I say this due to the fact his charges brought forth would get anyone else a minimum of 10 years in federal prison.

However, Mr. Epstein received a short probation sentence to which he was allowed to leave US Jurisdiction and reside back on his private island.The magnitude of this leniency was seen publicly as utter atrocity and a complete failure of judicial process. 

That being said, there is absolutely no doubt that Bill Gates knew how evil and insidious Jeffrey Epstein was. Yet, despite Jeffrey’s first conviction, Bill Gates met with him several times allegedly to pander donation money.

Such a disgusting human being Bill Gates must be with children of his own to shamelessly attempt obtaining sponsorship from a known sex trafficker’s pocket. The above image shows Bill Gates alongside his buddy Epstein at Epstein’s Manhattan address. (I guess he couldn’t use his own money to fund his organization considering he had nearly $50 billion USD at the time? 🤔)

He’s not alone amidst the circle of greedy billionaire’s lacking ethics, because Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk also dealt with Epstein.    

Their Motivation is Irrelevant

Pedophile Lovers
Bill & Melinda Gates

the self-proclaimed philanthropists

(Bar Graph shows 2 years 2018 & 2019’s total contributions)

“Women in Africa will tell you over and over again that what they prefer today is an Injectable.”

-Melinda Gate’s discussing Contraceptives while promoting Depo-Provera

It is because of the above quote we can conclude not only do Bill and Melinda Gates lack ethics, they’re insidiously evil! Melinda makes reference to Africa’s alleged favorite contraceptive during an April 2012 Ted talk [4].

So, why exactly is the notion African’s prefer intravenous contraceptives extremely unlikely and absolutely absurd? Because of countless instances of racist western world medical providers in Africa’s recent history.

The book Medical Apartheid written by Harriet A. Washington is a shocking realization for readers, divulging true testimony of medical malpractice due to racism. After watching Melinda’s speech during her TED Talk, there is zero possibility she was ignorant to these obvious social nuances.

Africa’s HIV Infection Rate is well known

You don’t need a medical degree to grasp that the most common way HIV spreads is through the reuse of Syringes. So when asking Should America Trust Bill Gates, the answer should surpass a simple No, and demand their immediate arrest by federal authorities!

Because no Doctor that cares for human life would ever suggest providing a contraceptive by injection in Africa. When treatments and medications are administered in pill form, there is zero risk in further spreading HIV. Sure, in a country like America, it’s probably safe to assume medical practitioners can be trusted not to reuse needles.

Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the African Continent where 18% of the population ages 2 and above is HIV Positive. Furthermore, corrupt entities such as the World Health Organization clearly cannot be trusted either.

The above bar chart shows the huge sum of money donated to the WHO by The Melinda Bill Gates Foundation. So obviously anyone donating that amount wields massive influence and possibly even complete control of the organization.


“Although the World Health Organization maintains that the reuse of syringes without sterilization accounts for only 2.5% percent of new H.I.V. infections in Africa, a 2003 study in The International Journal of S.T.D. and AIDS found that as many as 40% percent of H.I.V. infections in Africa are caused by contaminated needles during medical treatment. Even the conservative W.H.O. estimate translates to tens of thousands of cases.”[5]

Medical Apartheid written by Harriet Washington
Depo Provera Injection

So with our discovery that Bill Gate’s co-align’s with Pedophiles and is either negligent or genocidal, the decision is evident! In conclusion, when someone asks you Should America Trust Bill Gates, the answer is no, absolutely not!

Sure, we have some rough patches in our near future to get through America! But together, we will prevail and restore our country! And we will bring these scoundrels to justice!

Article, “SA’s Covid-19 mortality rate remains low” – written by Dave de Klerk

Jeff Bezos now worth 202 Billion dollars according to MSNBC Saul Loeb’s Article

Melinda Gates discusses contraceptives during a April 2012 TED Talk.

Harriett A. Washington’s JULY 31, 2007 New York Times Article, “Why Africa Fears Western Medicine