The Tucson Police Department TPD Identify 12th and Valencia Gunshot Victim was connected to the rollover crash in Southside Tucson.

TPD was dispatched due to receiving a report from residents at 252 W. Valencia Rd. near 12th Avenue.

As a result of further investigation, the responding officer found shell casings in the parking lot determining a shooting did occur.

However, because no suspect or gunshot victim was on the scene, no further action pursued.

A Trip to the Emergency Room goes horribly wrong!

However, because of the rollover accident, it was determined that 24-year-old Luis Puente, was indeed the victim that was shot.

The two other men were en-route to the hospital at a high rate of speed when they were involved in a rollover collision on Interstate 19 north of Valencia according to TPD.

Responding Officers say the three men ejected from the vehicle were in connection with the shooting.

First responders noticed Puente had obvious signs of gunshot trauma and immediately rendered first-aid, according to TPD. He was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving at a hospital for treatment.

TPD said one of the three men was determined to be a resident of the apartment involved in the incident. The two other men were transported with significant by non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say one of the three men determined to be a documented gang member.

Fortunately, the two occupants of another vehicle involved in the crash sustained only minor injuries.

The investigation into the identity of the shooter is still on-going so anyone with information is advised to call 88-CRIME.

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