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Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch

Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch

So for starters let us clarify we're not talking about Hugh Heffner's Bunny Ranch, but rather a Sex Trafficking...

Car Crash Kills 2 Men

Car Crash Kills 2 Men

Original Story By Stephanie Casanova Arizona Daily Star Jun 12, 2019. As a result of an auto accident in a parking lot...

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Police Log

Tucson has a wide range of crimes committed within our Police Log due to being 50 minutes drive from Mexico.

Just because we are along the drug cartel smuggling route doesn't make Tucson any more particularly dangerous.

None the less there is no denying the fact that drugs do exist here within our community.

Furthermore, anytime stupidity is added to substance abuse, all manner of crazy is bound to happen.


Some of which is probably shocking, and of course absolutely hilarious! 😀As a Tucson native, I've followed the Police log for quite a While, so I have a knack for picking juicy arrests.

My favorite Police Log I've read for years is written by , at the Tucson Weekly. One of the things I have the uttmost respect for is that she doesn't abuse the authoritative power of a News Authority.

While many websites will put an Arrestees booking photo online, Anna has never done that because she believes in second chances.

Furthermore, The Tucson Truth very much follows in her beliefs that everyone deserves a second chance.

So rest assured, even if it's you being a complete Goofball in one of our articles, you'll never have to worry about this News Authority slandering you!