Sec Trafficking Recovery Ranch
A picture of visionary Sarah Haught's dream, a Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch. It's so great to see a beautiful person doing beautiful things for her community! Sarah She intends to call the new transitional community "Beauty From Ashes"

Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch

Image of Sarah Haught earlier in her career as a Tucson Police Officer.
A more recently taken photo of Criminal Intelligence Agent.

So for starters let us clarify we’re not talking about Hugh Heffner’s Bunny Ranch, but rather a Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch.

Because unlike an adult industry worker choosing to make a profitable career of sexual solicitation, Human Trafficking is an atrocity!

“In the human trafficking unit I recognized a huge need for children 11 through 17 that are survivors of sex trafficking,”

“I recognized even more so that it is an epidemic here in the United States.” [1]

An infographic made by the founder of Tucson Truth, Sean Gugerty, Thanks to Sarah Haught.

It’s all too often you see and hear about Police and their use of excessive force. [2]

But because this is Pima County not Maricopa, I can honestly say there’s quite a few beautiful good hearted people amidst TPD.

One officer in particular is Sarah Haught. Thanks to Officer Sarah we here at Tucson Truth have had our eyes open to Human Trafficking.

Beauty From Ashes Ranch

Officer Haught is using her 70 Acre property and starting Beauty From Ashes Ranch.

I was so shocked when I visited her website [3] and watch her movie how bad Human Trafficking is.

In the News Headlines, as you’re probably aware, all you ever hear about is the war on drugs.

So while it certainly is a 100 Billion dollar annual industry, Human trafficking is $32 billion.

And Furthermore, Unlike the drug war, there isn’t victimless crimes whatsoever with human trafficking! Someones life is ruined every time, it’s traumatic!

So, something like 600-800 thousand Americans, 80% of which are women and children gone missing should be more a priority.

If it Don't Make Dollars, Morals Still Make Sense!

But because everyone has to get paid, Drugs seem to be the ideal war to wage for the country. Due to things like:

  • Border Patrol Salaries for Narcotic smuggling intradiction
  • Prosecuting Attorney Salaries
  • Asset Seizures.
  • Private Prisons getting to pay slave wages for labor and profit from warehousing people.

So it’s true, there isn’t really a whole lot of things to be seized when taking down human Traffickers, but the issue is more pressing!

Just Who are these Traffickers?

According to the founder of the anticipated Sex Trafficking Recovery Ranch, it’s not who you’d expect.

Despite the most likely victims being young girls between the ages of 11-13 [4] kidnapping abductions are rare. More often than not its individuals feigning to be friends/lovers or close family members.

Naturally, one’s conclusions will bring out the question of how random everyday mom and pops are doing this?

How could they possibly network into what should be a secretive organized crime syndicate or racketeer?

The Internet.

Whether intensionally done, or caused by Big Tech companies being negligent, they’re enabling this.

Due to their immunities granted by the 230c, these Tech Giants definitely aren’t in a rush to stop sex trafficking. 

For example, removing links to child pornography with Google’s LumenDatabase [5], took me several months of emails.

Furthermore, when the unredacted takedown request had negligently been up 2 years already!

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1 KVOA article about the transitional home for Traffic Victims. 
2 Youtube Video of Maricopa County Police Escessive Force.
3 The Beauty from Ashes Official Website
4 Statistics Pulled from Arch of Hope for Children. 
5 Google neglects to redact child pornography URLs. 
Sean Gugerty Tucson Truth Founder and Owner
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