Tucson Overthrows Tyranny!

So how is it Tucson Overthrows Tyranny yet the rest of America cannot? Because Pima County has the Tucson Truth!

Free Speech Platform

Every Piece of Technology and All Media Outlets have Transformed into weapons Against The American People!

So naturally when a phone is in the palm of your hand, it is assumed the truth would also be keystrokes away!

Unfortunately, it is not at your fingertips! Because now you live in a world that basks in corruption!


Sorry America, but as a result of your sloth, the only way out of communism is fighting! So Naturally the wild west was born ready! 🤗


In the beginning it was at the cost of free speech, but as a result of a worsening situation its cost lives!


You’re probably already aware that deception comes in many forms. So Facebook lying getting people killed isn’t surprising!


So as a result of the constant misinformation you’d think we were in a state of emergency.

However, because of numerous compelling pieces of evidence, we must affirm, it is one giant scam.

It’s truly shocking when you think about it, how America found itself in such a mess due to several Technocrat pricks.

The American people were probably unaware of what was occurring at the time.

Because this massive agreement made between the Federal Reserve and president Trump did not have citizens able to witness it.

A several trillion dollar bailout was agreed upon well before the citizens were the wiser.

A national emergency Our President explained came as a result of China’s medical researchers negligence in Wuhan, China. We were expected to believe that all of our local businesses, and our entire country should shut down completely.

Additionally the social platforms to which the entire world now used such as Facebook, suddenly didn’t want the views of medical professionals. Because no longer was the word of our healthcare workers trustworthy. So instead of trusting sound medical practitioners, we would now trust a Marketing thief, and scam artist named Bill Gates. 

Tucson Overthrows Tyranny due to our love for our friends and family within our community. Because we care about you, and not an affiliate advertisers opinions like most News, providing you the Truth is top priority! To continue to uphold and maintain this artificial ruse, is an attack upon the American people, costing American lives!!

The third video in the carousel above provides perspective and expert analysis of this crisis from an expert virologist. So, now you’ll have a more solid perspective. As you can see, we’re surrounded by deception from every direction!

So I encourage you and all my readers moving forward, do your own research and think for yourself! Because bottom line, your families life, the lives of your close friends, and the survival of humanity depends upon it! Furthermore, its crucial you identify all Americans are up against the worlds most powerful individuals with nearly infinite resources at their disposal!


Who Are these Villians We Speak Of?

We must define the enemy before Tucson Overthrows Tyranny

The truth is probably an absolute shock to the majority of people! Because surely most of humanity isn’t monstrous in nature and wouldn’t sit idle amidst atrocities! First of all you would be correct in stating that yes indeed most of us humans are good intentioned and kind in nature.

Additionally, most people are not engulfed in greed, nor do we have a lust for absolute power! That’s because as compassionate human beings capable of empathy, we restrain ourselves from vile acts easily! For all we must do to identify that an act is detestable is ask ourselves one question.

“how would we feel in a situation we would effort to put others in.”

Billionaire Scum

Unfortunately, even the untrustworthy MSNBC affirms that when it comes to billionaires one in five are psychopaths! Naturally, to obtain such large amounts of wealth, ethical standards only get in your way!

It takes quite a large magnitude of greed to compel someone to continue chasing fortune beyond a certain point. While I think 20% psychopaths amongst billionaires falls short of the truth, it clearly paints the image of ugly you need to see! Only a social parasite hords wealth capable of housing 10,000 people for a lifetime!

Only detestable Luciferians such as Mark Zuckerberg swindle Native Islanders out of their Ancestors land! Hoarding 325 acres for himself and his family to use but for one week every two years! Only a criminal Satanic worshippers such as Bill Gates would bribe politicians into forcing poison in your veins! Thinking upon themselves as Gods while they conduct business with known pedophiles despite being parents themselves!

Journalists! Spinner of Lies! Money Whores To The Highest Bidder!

Because how could anyone with claims to being human fail to mention crucial life threatening details? Details such as the Pfizer vaccine, their miracle cure to the overly exaggerated affliction, has not been sufficiently tested!

The question I ask those without ethics and only self interest within this industry is do you wanna die? Do you want America to murder you in the street and take from you everything? Do you think the day will never come that their eyes would never open to the realization of the scum that you are?

Spewers of balderdash into Americas ears in efforts to monetize from insidious corporate employers, you’re costing countless lives! These people do not care if you know the truth because they only care about profit! Furthermore, their employers would not allow them to continue their employment if they were honest!

A quick glance at the Pfizer Twitter account will unravel before your eyes the realization all media is corrupt. Additionally, the enemies corruption is not limited to a particular political party. So whether you’re poison of choice is the Liberal CNN, or the Fictional Right Conservative Fox, you’re getting scammed!

Sure, the virus they speak of exists, but the chaos and havoc clearly is being perpetuated by their endless intrusion! At nearly every website and social platform you go, you’re forced to witness their constant efforts!

We’re annoyed indefinitely by their intrusive lies while we innocently effort to merely interact with friends and family online! Stabbing our eyeballs is their never ending horror stories and Coronavirus Propaganda, boiling Americas blood with constant rhetorical banter! Rape is your imaginary issues and topics of whether or not our employers should mandate your vaccination!

Countless hours of our lives stolen by banter that demands submission to be muzzled and masked! Tell me abominations, when the people have had enough, what will stop their bloodlust from ripping you limb from limb? What will prevent their ropes stringing your heathen necks to tree branches?

Remaining Time Until A Revolutionary War Against Tyranny Begins








But Our Protectors Will Surely Save Us!

Oh you poor mislead wolf how you have been fed such poisonous lies all these years! 🤗

Unfortunately, they’ve even abandoned our protectors, the brave men and women who serve our community within law enforcement! Because it certainly is no coincidence God loving people like police officer Sarah changed tactics to stop human traffickers.


it is human nature to be curios and test the boundaries and limitations placed upon us. Usually if innocent in nature, once that curiosity tempts fate and goes down a more sinister road, it is put in check! However that has yet to occur to the likes of a more archaic criminal that encompasses the depths of federal Government!

As a result, now we are overseen by terrorists of massive scale America! Making villains of their unsuspecting prey who fall victim to their war on drugs! Because you dare venture towards the forbidden fruit they practically shove into your face now you belong to them!

By way of The Patriot act as your probably aware, all you druggies will be imprisoned and all your assets forfeit! You’ll be warehoused in their private prisons, and should you have exposed your children to their devilish temptations, they’ll steal them too! Yes! That’s right, they sell your children on the black market to pedophiles across the world! 

So tell me doubters of the obvious corruption, if that wasn’t the case, prove me wrong! You can’t can you? 😈Because when these scoundrels caused 9-11, instead of bringing us justice, they tricked us into yielding our rights and liberties! We were given false promises they would provide protection! Well no longer America! Because this is the truth you need to hear! Only the truth and never the lies, as ugly as they may be! Does this quote ring a bell?

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

-Benjamin Franklin AKA The Guy on the 100 Dollar Bill

America Cried Atrocity Upon Deaf Ears!

Americans everywhere have had their mouth sewn shut in the name of billionaire profits! You’d think with all the history of World War II we were educated upon in high school when Tucson Overthrows Tyranny, you’d hear about it.

However, it seems the more powerful Search Engines and Social Media Platforms become, the more we find ourselves Censored! Even as a result of tremendous efforts to reach influencers, nobody replies.Free speech apparently is no longer free, and whatever it costs, none of us can afford it! 

Whether You Go Left or Right, Its a Dead End!

Ever since I watched Peter Joseph’s series of Zeitgeist Movies, I’ve looked at politics as if they were a joke at best. Unfortunately, just because the deck is rigged, the bets and wagers are at the cost of lives and livelihoods. So this pathetic volley between left and right is laughable at best. 

Donald Trump Pfizer Tweet
Joe Biden Vvaccine

Furthermore, the corruption goes neck deep in quicksand, and poisoned every facet of Government. As a result of America having their votes dubbed irrelevant, the Deep State’s move was most certainly bold.

So what power plays did Big D make to ensure he was not robbed of his seat in office?

Mind's Has not censored us one time in two years!

There are other options such as Gab and Parler, but because many people are sick of politics, Minds is awesome! Regardless, you’re probably seeing how essential its become to not continue using moral lacking tech giants.

According to the Great Barrington Declaration

Countless individuals are being censored nationwide and their voices of reason are being suppressed by tech giants. How can any human being justify allowing Bill Gates a known criminal and genocidal maniac onto their platform, to give medical advice? Additionally How can they stop qualified medical professionals from attempting to save lives? All of these individuals will be held liablle for killing Americans and attempting Genocide!

Concerned Citizens

Doctors & Healthcare Scientists

Medical Practitioners